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No Doubt Concert

May 31, 2009

Yesterday Mike and I went to the No Doubt concert at Center. The venue is outside so weather is a huge factor in the enjoyment level of the concert. Fortunately the weather was 100% perfect; could not have been any better.

I have been a No Doubt fan since at least freshman year in high school and this was my first No Doubt concert. After last night I will never miss another No Doubt concert. I am a fanatic! I have many memories of being packed in a friends car on our way to soccer practice or games and Spiderwebs is blaring. Good times! I was very excited when this was the first song of the night.
After Spiderwebs the band went on to play every hit they have ever had. This is the first concert I have been to where I know every word of every song (makes a huge difference in the enjoyment of the show).

A few pictures of No Doubt performing Don’t Speak.

A few pictures of Just A Girl (my bouquet toss song)

Oh so happy Leanne (and her phone).

Me and Mike
My one and only criticism, Gwen dropped the F-bomb a few times and it seemed a little unnecessary. I still LOVED the show and I still love Gwen but did not need to hear the F-bomb.

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