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Help Wanted?

April 2, 2009

I SO need a new job. Actually a new career path all together. I do not feel like I went through 18 years of school just so I could spend 40 hours a week in a cubicle. I am not made to act professional and boring and say the right or appropriate things. I like to laugh and joke and tease and be fun. I like to sleep late (late = 8am). I have no problem working hard but I actually want and NEED to see results. I am all for having a long-term purpose and working towards a grand goal but I need to feel part of that goal and to care about it. I need a job that allows for me to be casual and creative. I need a job that I enjoy enough so that I can stay motivated (a job that keeps me busy so I don’t write blogs during work hours). I don’t want a boss but if I cant get around that I at least need a boss that does not micromanage. Of course I want a huge paycheck, lots of vacation time and a flexible schedule as well. After reading back over my list of needs I realize the job I want does not exist. Wow, that is way depressing.
This topic is on my mind right now mainly because I am supposed to have a career discussion with my manager. Basically a guy twice my age who has only reached middle management level is supposed to help guide me and develop a plan for me to be successful. Perhaps someone who I feel is actually successful should meet with me instead. Just to clarify, my manager is a nice guy but I honestly think he is kind of an idiot. You may recall the previous blog I posted about how he thought Spain was in Italy and Luxembourg was in Germany. Based on this idiot label I think I am justified in being a little jaded by this conversation.
I am so glad it is only a 4 day work week.

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