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Nap time

February 19, 2009

So this may be a little TMI, sorry. Right now I am at work and I’m not
at my desk. I am actually in the bathroom sitting on the potty. I’m
doing something that Mike and I call “taking a bathroom nap”. Basically
what this involves is going to a restroom and taking a seat. I usually
stay for 20 minutes or until someone contaminates the air. Sometimes I
just close my eyes and rest other times I bring my phone and surf the
net. I haven’t gone as far as bring a magazine but in one of the
restrooms I use there is someone who keeps a novel in a stall. I once
thought about reading that book then I realized how nasty it is because
some stranger on the potty has been touching the book. Yucky! I just
sent Mike a text telling him I am taking a bathroom nap and he replied
saying he was doing the same thing. How funny is that! Oh no, someone
is dropping the cosbys at the pool so I need to evacuate.

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  1. February 20, 2009 3:43 pm

    Haha, I try to do this at work, but every time I try, it seems like my pager immediately goes off with things like “63 just threw up” or “57 has stool for stool culture”. I think its hilarious that you and Mike were “napping” at the same time.

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