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Farewell Facebook

February 18, 2009

Over the Christmas holidays I learned that my Aunts are on Facebook. They just think its the greatest thing since sliced bread and of course wanted to add me as a friend. I frantically cleaned up my page and accepted their friend request and have since been cautious about my Facebook use. My Aunts are pretty cool so I did not have much cleaning up to do but I do like to keep a few things censored. Then on Tuesday I get a friend request from my Mother. This crosses a line. You see, I am not open with my family about my drinking or anything really so I don’t like the idea of them seeing pictures of me at parties and stuff and I don’t like them knowing what is going on in my life. If I want them to know stuff I will tell them. Facebook is for me and my friends and not for my Mother. So I am shutting down my account. Even though I don’t go on facebook but once-a-month I am done. When people who are retired (my mom) join Facebook, it time for me to quit. Sorry, but that is how I feel about that. Farewell Facebook, I don’t need you (I still have a Myspace page).

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