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I cant believe I am still awake

December 23, 2008

So umm, my lack of tolerance to drugs was funny about 3 hours ago but now at 2:36 am its not so funny. Lesson learned: when the bottle says take 5ml, you should really really really actually figure out what 5ml is and only take 5ml. Instead of taking 5ml I took too gulps (yes straight from the bottle). No big deal I thought but boy I was W-R-O-N-G. I have since learned that 5ml is 1 tsp. I am thinking that I took maybe 15ml worth. I feel not so good. I just read this on “Tell your doctor immediately if any of these unlikely but serious side effects occur: mental/mood changes (e.g., confusion, hallucinations), ringing in the ears, shaking (tremors), slow/shallow breathing, trouble urinating, weakness.”. I am actually experiencing all of those things. I am so stupid. I am currently eating pretzels and drinking water in an attempt to get over these symptoms. I am not going to call my doctor immediately because it is 2:42am and because I am embarrassed. I am sure I will be ok but I am feeling so yucky right now that I cant sleep. Man I am so stupid. I am not going to get any sleep and I have to go to work tomorrow. I have to sit at my desk for 9 hours on the least busy day of the year and I will not have gotten any sleep. Whats funny is that you would think on this least busy day of the year that I could doze off in my cubicle. Unfortunately company leadership likes to walk around on this day and mingle with the little people. I don’t think it would be good for my career if the head of my program finds me snoring in a puddle of drool. I am so stupid.
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  1. December 24, 2008 4:44 am

    How ya feeling, champ? 🙂

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