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December 20, 2008

I was not planning to wear a veil at my wedding but I recently became a big fan of the bird cage veil. I wish I had realized that I loved this veil before I choose my dress because I might have picked a different one so the veil would “match” a little better. I just don’t know. I think I will try one on at my first fitting and see how it feels and looks in real life. I hate all these wedding decisions. I know a decision like the veil is not life altering but the way I see it this is my one real real wedding so I need have no regrets (I say real because Mike has promised that he will renew vows with me so we will have other “weddings” sort of). I really wish I were one of those girls that thinks about their wedding for many many years before they are even dating or engaged. I never really put much though into until the whole engagement thing happened. I am so totally going to encourage my daughters to not think of a wedding as an important part of a relationship. The wedding is and should be about the commitment and the couple and not about the dress, flowers, shoes, etc… I think I need to keep reminding myself about that too.
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