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Wedding Shoes

December 16, 2008

I am really not materialistic. I buy 99.9% of everything on sale because I see no point in buying something regular price if it will be less expensive in just one week. BUT, I have a problem when it comes to my wedding shoes (and handbags in general but I am focusing on shoes right now). I WANT, don’t need, just WANT fabulous designer shoes to wear at the reception. I don’t know where this WANT came from but I cant get over it. Of course I will try to find the perfect wedding shoes on sale but if I might cave because I think I am weak when it comes to this decision.

For those of you who think I am crazy for spending a lot of money on wedding shoes let me clarify something. I know after the wedding I will never again wear my wedding gown. Even if the gown fits after the wedding day its not something you can wear to dinner or anything. Shoes on the other hand will fit forever (i don’t think feet change size unless you gain hundreds of lbs, right?). So, I want to have beautiful, fantastic, timeless shoes to wear each year for our anniversary dinner. Also, I love the idea of renewing vows so I want to have these shoes for when Mike and I renew (ideally in Vegas and somewhere in Europe). So although I could think of many better ways to spend money I think I might actually give in to this want just once.

Dream shoes I could never afford: Manolo Blahnik – Something Blue

Not only can’t I afford these but they no longer make them. Christian Louboutin – Blue-Soled Bridal Shoes

More realistic option:

I am leaning towards any blue shoes so they can be my “something blue” at the wedding.

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  1. December 16, 2008 5:57 pm

    My vote goes to the sex and the city blue shoes.

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