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Shows You Should Be Watching

December 16, 2008

Surburban Mom starts selling drugs to support family after husband suddenly dies.

Sex in the City but a network channel.

Complete crazyness. OCD Mom and overly chill Dad have 8 kids.

Unless you live under a rock you know what Greys Anatomy is all about.

3 hot blonds date a man 3 times their age.

Murder, law, vengence, and a funky time line.

Author and sex addict dealing with ex-wife and teenage daughter.

No longer on TV but 5 seasons of greatness worth taking space on your netflix.
Sex, drugs and making movies.
Spoiled little rich girls party and pretend to work in LA.
Spinoff of Greys that deals with how screwed up ivy league doctors are.
Another favorite that is no longer on TV but worth taking up space in your netflix
One of the coolest shows ever!
The show that will make you feel fat.
Plastic surgeons in a never ending mid-life crisis.
When I decide to write about the shows I watch (or watched and miss) that you should netflix and start watching I thought I would write a little about each show. Then I got all the artwork together and realize that I watch a lot of TV. How do I still have enough brain function to appear to be a normal human. Or maybe I am really unaware and not actually a normal human. Hmm… I would write more but The Hills is on and its Whitneys farewell before she moves to NYC. No worries though, she is going to have a show of her own called The City. Yea! (There goes more brain power.)
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