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Practice Thanksgiving Disaster

December 3, 2008

I took advantage of the post Thanksgiving sale at Tom Thumb by purchasing a turkey for only five bucks. I love cooking so I thought I would test my skills and see if I could make a turkey. I used a recipe that I saw on Food Network, Danny Boons Citrus Turkey. I had such hope for this turkey because the marinade just smelled soooo good. (I am not sharing the marinade because I am going to experiment with it in the future.) Long story short, I killed the turkey by making a beginner mistake…I cooked the turkey upside down. This does not so bad but I put the turkey timer in what I thought was the breast but was of course not because the bird was upside down. After only 3 hours, the timer popped out and so I assumed it was done. Turns out the bird was way undercooked. Unfortunately, once I realized what I did it was too late. My first try at a turkey was a complete failure. I am so sad. Only good part was the stuffing and mashed potatoes. At least we had something that we could eat. I called my parents to tell them about my failure and they reminded me that it could have been worse; thank goodness it was not Thanksgiving or Christmas day.

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