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April 16, 2013



House Hunt

April 14, 2013

Mike and I waited until our house was officially on the market before we started touring potential new homes. I thought I would live looking at homes but the first day of looking turned out a little disappointing. We wanted to look at 4 homes but one of the owners said no. The three remaining homes were built between 1907 and 1925 and were so very different from each other. The oldest home was actually in the best condition of the three. It actually has a 1000 sq foot basement (totally unfinished). While I like this house, for the price I need to love it so its probably off the list.
We looked another home that is so close to TCU that I can see Moudy from the living room window. The thought of living so close to TCU again really cracks me up. Mike and I could walk to the Pub. No worries about parking on game day!!! The one major problem with this house is the kitchen. It’s the smallest kitchen I have ever seen. I am trying to tell myself that I could live with small as long as it were nice but I don’t know. This house has tons of potential but it is already at the top of the budget so it’s probably not going to work.
The third house was the least expensive. I knew from the photos that it needed work but this house was literally crooked. Not a single room was level and it basically did not have a kitchen. Just awful.
I think mike and I may not look again until we have people looking at our house. It’s such a stressful process but I know when we do move it will be a great house in the perfect location.

Love them!!!

April 14, 2013



March 23, 2013

Only day 4 of p90x and this is what I craved for breakfast!! Steamed kale, small baked potato, vegetarian chili and avocado. Yum


Words to live by

October 21, 2012


Words to live by

September 21, 2012


To My Husband

September 13, 2012